Welcome to Care for Ecosystems

Care for Ecosystems UG (CfE) is a consultancy founded in 2015, with headquarters in Görlitz, Germany.

The core staff of CfE are Dr Tatiana Minayeva and Jürgen Nauber. Together we have more than 60 years of experience, knowledge and networking. We collaborate closely with well-respected experts from around the world.

Tatiana, a geobotanist, has worked for WWF, Wetlands International, the Russian Academy of Sciences and the Russian Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment.

Jürgen, a forest economist, coordinated the international cooperation of the German Federal Agency for Nature Conservation and the German contribution to the Man and Biosphere program of UNESCO. Also, he worked with the United Nations World Tourism Organisation, IUCN and the private forest sector.

The guiding principle of our concern is contributing to sustainable development. In particular covering

  • ecosystem restoration,
  • ecosystem conservation and wise use, with a focus on peatlands,
  • protected area management,
  • working and finding solutions for land use improvement in the face of climate change.

CfE supports political and decision-making processes by making scientific knowledge available, understandable and applicable. We have experience in advising businesses for the best environmental solutions. Capacity building is one of the core competences of CfE. CfE’s geographic priorities lie in the Arctic, the Russian Federation, Eastern and Central Africa, Mongolia and Central Asia. We work with comparably small projects positioned strategically at the intersection of management, science, social justice and politics. The best suited experts, being part of the CfE network, are selected for the relevant purposes. CfE core staff also participate in third-party projects within the scope of CfE’s mission.

Care for Ecosystems team is working on its web-page.

You can contact us at: info@care-for-ecosystems.net

Steinweg, 2, Goerlitz, 02826, Germany